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Welcome to Tom Hanslien Photography

Based in Woolwich, Greenwich, I am a professional photographer working closely with large and small businesses in London and further afield. I am here to help if you are planning a photo shoot – whether large or small - to promote your brand, service or product. It could be for the purpose of advertising, a catalogue or maybe for your company website.


I am always at hand dedicated to fulfil any brief you may have, whether it is lifestyle, advertising or corporate events photography.

Over the years I have developed a problem-solving approach, a very keen eye, and an excellent understanding of composition. This, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of post production, and the following process of design and artwork, ensures that I can exceed any expectations. I also always pride myself in delivering a finished product on schedule and on budget.


One of my big passions is my love of travel, and to share my experiences through my images. This does not only take me around the world – with many great new images as a result - but it is also a continuing source of inspiration which influences and feeds my enthusiasm for photography.



Post Production:


With many years experience of high-end retouching I am able to take control of the post production of my images if this is required. The advantage of this is that my style and quality control can be consistent throughout the whole process and I can deliver a truly finished product. Some examples of previous post production projects can be seen at my DigiSurgeon website.



A little bit about me:


Born and raised in Norway, my interest in photography started at an early age - I was always eager to try out my parent’s camera. It was however whilst studying drawing and graphic design that the interest really was ignited. This interest in developing my photography more brought me to the UK and Kent Institute of Art & Design (now the University of the Creative Arts) in Maidstone, Kent. After three years obtaining my BA (hons) in photography, I was eager to get started to build my career as an image-maker. So after reluctantly having to return to complete my Norwegian national service I returned, full of vigour, to live and start working in London early 2000.

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